Protecting Kids from UV Hazards

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About EPOCHAL brand ~Kikuko Matsunari

Hi. My name is Kikuko Matsunari, and I am the representative of Peekaboo Inc.
We make clothes that use special UV protective materials.Kikuko Matsunari PeekabooInc.

My son Yuki was born in 2001 with very sensitive skin as a baby--especially to sunlight.
Because of his sensitive skin, sunscreen was NOT an option.
So, I tried to find clothes with UV protection. I searched many places, but I couldn't find any.

Feeling responsible as a mother, I decided to start a company that designs UV protective clothes for children, especially my son.
Since then, I have been making light-weight and comfortable UV protecting clothes for all ages under the brand name: EPOCHAL.

Do you ever enjoy sports, hobbies, or even work outside under the sun? And do you want to avoid skin cancer or any skin damages? Then, you should try EPOCHAL--our epoch-making uv-cut clothes.