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A Hat with a Pocket for Ice Packs


•100% Polyester

•Hand Wash

《Over99% UV PROTECTED FABRIC》 ENJOY THE SUN SAFELY – UPF50  fabrication protects the skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays and delivers a relaxed fit and all-day comfort. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is the best one for you!


《TECHNICAL COOLING MATERIAL》 Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable – Cool and Dry. Suitable for sports & outdoor activities like hiking, golf, fishing, traveling, boating, climbing, running, workout, etc. Breathable mesh fabric at side makes it comfortable by allowing air-flow circulation and makes your body temperature cool down.


This hat has a mesh air vent and a wide brim to protect the head that wears it. You can put on a (literally) cool hat just by putting an ice pack in this pocket.This hat also comes with a removable flap. In Japan, there is a custom of "Uchimizu," where people wet the streets with water in the summer to cool down the area, using the cooling effect of vaporization. In Japan, roads are watered in the summer mornings and evenings to use the heated ground to cool down the ground.


<< Size information and product details >> 100% polyester (99% UVA / UVB protective material); Fabric that has the effect of lowering heat. Please refer to the size image on the left before purchasing.
The size of the display will be the size around the head. Please refer to the following for the measurement method.


A Hat with a Pocket for Ice Packs

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