Protecting Kids from UV Hazards

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Short length 5WAY hoody   Blue


Short length hoody that protects the parts you don't want to get sunburned

Special UV protective clothing protects your skin safely and reliably from the dangers of UV rays during your relaxed daily lives. Repeated washing will not reduce the UV reduction effect.


EPOCHAL brand products use specialized UV protective fabric that is soft and gentle to the skin. The fabric is woven with special titanium oxide fibers, ensuring its UV reduction effect even after repeated washing.


■ Rayon 52%     Polyester 48%(Towel cloth)

■ Machine Wash

■ Made in Japan

《Technical coolant》

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your skin comfortable at all times – Cool and Dry.


Over-sized hoodie can be used to protect your face.



ENJOY THE SUN SAFELY - UPF 35 fabrication protects the skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays and delivers a relaxed fit and all-day comfort. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is the best one for you!

EPOCHAL UV protective products have unique functional features that effectively protect against UV rays, or can be convenient in everyday occasions.

Check the photo for details.


Fabric come in different UV reduction rates from 91% to 99.9%. To see details of the texture, please check enlarged photos.


Short length 5WAY hoody   Blue

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